Being in the change

I have been through change many times. But not like this one.

I have now experienced the term “having the rug pulled out from under you”…

I am so grateful that I have been preparing for this my entire (spiritual) career.

You see, I have served in a specific role in the past 5 years. It has been a very private practice (by nature) where I have done over 2000 individual sessions of spiritual coaching sessions (of sorts).

About 40 days ago, everything changed. Life has very auspices ways of “auto-correcting”… I have been talking and teaching about this for a while now. And now I have experienced a major “auto-correct” where I am being forced to grow, change and mature – ultimately taking responsibility, accountability and keeping the promises I have made life BEFORE I got into the work I have been doing for the past 5 years.

It is time for me to launch my public teaching & coaching practice. I have been avoiding it for a bunch of years now. Hiding behind a specific role and depending on tools & resources without going deeper into my own work and therefore being able to further and better serve my clients and community.

I have been hiding behind the role of a community builder without taking better care and focus on the individuals. I have been talking a good talk without really taking deeper walks. I have been acting-as-if for so long,  that I lost myself in the process.

And that’s okay.

The hero’s journey is real. I wouldn’t really know that EVERYONE must go through their own version of this… I thought this is only for good story telling and good movies. However, now – that I can identify every step of the following…  I know I just started my 3rd act: Coming back home with my gift…

And this is where I am happy to introduce the O METHOD. Yep… what I have learned in the past 10 years, and most specifically 7 years in my own journey of exploring, navigating and training conciousness… on my own and with the 600 + people I have had the honor and privilege to collaborate with.

the O Method is a system for conciousness training.

The O represents a circle – which reflects the truth that everything is in relationship to everything else. The basic ingredient of a relationship is the dance of opposite and complementary energies… I have spent 7 years training with a teacher through experiential training to explore the intelligence of relational fields. He calls is IMETICS, The 5th Way and other names.

The O method is my unique expression of his methodology that I have been using and teaching in my private practice. I am now excited to offer this wisdom to the world via a practice and ritual to integrate this wisdom into daily life.

More to come.