Welcome Global Shabbat 🌹🌟❤️

"When the entire world pauses for one moment, consciousness will upgrade itself from separation to unity."

What I actually used to hear as a child –

"When the entire world will observe just one Sabbath, the Messiah will come."

Well, my friends and community – that weekend is actually here, THE Sabbath is here.

The word Sabbath literally means "to pause"…

This weekend, the start of Spring 2020, will be the first Sabbath ever, the world will be "observing"… Millions of people around the world will be Pausing and staying home.

The original code merely stated: "Hey, before you run around, creating and doing in this garden of Eden called earth, please, please, take a day off… Just to REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE and that everything is already here for you.”

It is our job to pause, connect to our true essence and be in gratitude for we have, just for a bit, for us to keep the Creator's Magic and all of Life's Blessings.

Humans have had a terrible time slowing down and pausing, meditation became a trend, and even "spirituality" became another circle and a state of achievements…

2012 came and went. Energy Vortexes and Portals, Elders speaking, and a renaissance in Psychodellics wasn't enough. Humans kept being humans. Humans kept behaving in survival mode. Judgments, Exclusions, and Competition.

We have been running and solely trying to achieve more, create more, innovate more and do do do do for way too long, something had to give…

So the Intelligence of Life stepped in, as we have been promised a "New Earth" for some time now…

We have known for some time now that our behaviors needed to change.

We know that meditating and pausing is good for us.

We have known all this stuff for some time, but we have been in a TRANCE for too long, we have been too caught up in getting things done at the cost of our own health, friends, and community…

So much so, that Life herself needed to step in.

Life needed to interrupt our pattern.

Life has summoned all of us to PAUSE NOW and Make time Sacred.

The magic of Pausing is surrendering to the ultimate truth – that we are not in charge of the Creation Magic, that is Life.

All we need to do is make our time here on Earth sacred once again. It doesn't have to be a long pause.

The Virus Pandemic will be over in the blink of an eye when history looks back at it… but let's retain the wisdom of the pause.

We must individually connect back to the source and the original magic of Life.

All that's left now is to REMEMBER WHO WE ARE, connect back to the source, take a deep breath, and say thank you 🙏

No one can now argue that Life is in charge. And all she is making us do is PAUSE and Claim what is essential to us:

Our elders.

Our airways.

Our immune system.

Our families.

Our community.

Our connection to Life itself.

And she has given us 20 years to build the highest interconnection infrastructure – the internet!

The internet is our consciousness interconnected – our shared wisdom, our ability to know, and share our truths anytime from anywhere…. all from the palm of our hands…

we are safe to pause now.

May we consciously sanctify this time together.

May we now integrate our life-lessons and spiritual wisdom into our lives.

Welcome this time of REMEMBERING WHO WE TRULY ARE…

We are now one human being community, observing the metaphorical Sabbath, literally PAUSING and turning inward, AND to each other and say:

I love you

I forgive you

I care for you

I am here for you.

I am you.

Shabbat Shalom

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