Reality is in the past. The future is in your inner world.

Good morning.

Spirit Mondays, where we discuss faith and spirituality.

Are you more spirits or matter? 

Who do you identify with the most in your existence, in your being? Do you feel like you are a matter that has spirit, or can you tune in and remember that you are a spirit that is having a physical experience?

We already know that 99.999% of everything is space. 

Can you recognize that you are space that is experiencing itself through a physical manifestation of the divine? 

If you knew that, if you felt that today, if you truly felt that you are a spirit that is experiencing itself as divinity, unfolding in a physical body… if you could tune into the truth that you are vibrating in and out from the field, the field in which everything originates from the field that is 99.999% space.

If you can recognize that you’re always in and out of that field, you get all your information from the field, you send all the information back to the field, you are space itself.  That’s the most beautiful, amazing recognition that you can have today, that your space itself. 

The work for you is to identify, to remember yourself back into the field. 

By the time you’re listening to these words, by the time you’re experiencing your reality, it is already in the past. It’s an important distinction.

Everything that you see, everything that you’re experiencing in physical matter has already manifested through the field, it is in the past. 

When you recognize that you’re space, when you remember that you are spirit, when you identify with the spiritual part of life, when you recognize your spirit that is experiencing matter, your spirit that is causing the matter, then – you can recognize and acknowledge the ultimate freedom:  that the future exists in your inner world. 

The future exists in unlimited possibilities that is accessed through your imagination, that is accessed through your connection to space, that is accessed through your heart.

Because you heart is the connection to space, your heart is the connection to life itself. Your heart is the connection to everything that is about to happen, might happen, will happen. 

When you come back to your heart as spirit, when you recognize that spirit itself is always longing towards wholeness, towards love, towards knowing itself through self-love, understanding recognition.

It is when now you remember that the past is in front of you. The past has already happened.

And what is really, really, really pertinent for you today to recognize is that the future, the future, the future is your inner world. The future exists in spirit in potentiality. The future exists in the field. 

So today for this beautiful Monday, Monday spirit, I remind you to identify back with spirits, come back into your hearts, tune into the field. 

Recognize that you are space itself manifesting as matter and you don’t have to work so hard…

You don’t have to work so hard in making things happen. You do not make things happen – you connect to potentiality. You connect to the space. You connect to the field that is general, generating all possibilities.

And when you connect with your heart, when you connect with your heart, you connect with a sense of possibility, of positive possibilities, of exciting possibilities, of positive examples of possibilities. 

That’s when miracles happen! That’s when your prayers get answered. 

Identify with spirit. Come back into the heart, connect to space and be the field today.

Hello. My name is Oriya and thank you for listening to today’s reminder. I record these reminders on my way to the office, on my way to work with the hope and the intention for you to do the same thing. Just listen to this and re-member who you are.

Not only your brain will understand this, but the way I record these meditations, these driving meditations, these walking meditations, these rambling meditations…  I do them with my heart open as I am connected to spirit, and therefore it is designed to calibrate your frequency into spirit and you might feel your heart opening up right now. 

Thank you very much. I look forward to tomorrow. 

Tomorrow we will explore body and integration. Wednesday we’ll dive into the mind where you experience reality, and then we’ll go into the heart on Thursday – Relationships and love. 

Thank you very much. I do encourage to send me your questions.